Toll Free 1-888-456-1999
QCan I sample your products?
A: Yes, with a pre-payment using your credit card. After the product is returned in its original packaging and undamaged, we will credit back your credit card. We ask that you review and return these samples within a 2-week time period from receiving.
Q: Do you repair or carry spare parts for your eyewear?
A: Unfortunately we do not repair or carry spare parts, however you may purchase the frame needed for 50% off the suggested wholesale price. 
Q: Do you accept PayPal & other credit/debit cards?
A: Yes we accept PayPal and other forms of credit/debit cards. Please see our purchase order form for details. 
Q: Do you accept credit terms?
A: Yes, we will accept credit terms, based on acceptance from our credit department after filling out our credit form. 
Q: How long will these styles be available for purchase?
A: DVS will continue to track the success & order process of each design and sku; if a product is not selling at the level expected it will be removed from the line and another newer style will replace it. If the design does become a popular seller, then it will continue to be available. 
Q: Am I stuck with product that I cannot sell?
A: You will own the product you purchase, however your overall profts greatly outweigh your losses; frame products that are not selling can be utilized for state medical programs, B.O.G.O or offered free with contact lens customers or other second pair programs such as computer eyewear or sunwear. 
Q: What will my invoice look like?
A: Your invoice statement will reflect the non-discounted selling price of the frame, with the discounted (65% and up) unit price at the bottom. This allows you to obtain both standard & discounted price points if you need to submit specific invoices for managed care programs. 
Q: Where are your frames made?
A: We are based out of Los Angeles, California; as well as where we create and design our collections. Many of our materials are imported from Italy and Japan, to maximize the quality of our finished products. We manufacture all of our products in our own factories, mainly in China. 
Q: What is your exchange & return policy?
A: Please review our returns and exchanges policy page.
Q: How can I track the status of my order?
A: Your order will normally be processed within 24 hours of your purchase. Your package will be shipped via UPS ground and you will receive a tracking # at the point of shipment. 
Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?
A: You should receive your order within 2-5 business days, depending on your office location. 
Q: What is the minimum or maximum quantity I can purchase?
A: There is no minimum or maximum quantity you can purchase, however we are finding that a minimum average order has been 50 frames.
Q: Does this cost include case & cloth?
A: For us to continue to keep our price points at the competitive level, we will not be providing cases at this time. 
Q: Do you sell to Canada?
A: No, we only sell to the USA.
Q: How can I contact someone if I am having technical difficulties placing my order after hours?
A: For any needed information, just send us an email and our customer service will contact you first thing the next morning. Please note our 
office hours are Monday - Friday 8AM - 4:30PM (PST). You can also contact our National Sales Manager, Mark Christy, for any additional questions or support via email at or via phone at 651.338.1090.
Q: I just placed an order online and I wish to cancel, what do I do?
A: Please call our customer service department within the same day before 4:30PM PST for any cancellations.